Read with me. Read with Rory.

When I first had this idea, I thought it’d be this cool new thing I’d try out. Turns out, lots of other people have done this or are currently doing it, which is great!

I will read all 369 books referenced throughout “The Gilmore Girls,” which is in the process of being revived.

“No you won’t!” you and I both just said.

But we’re wrong! I will read all 369 books. My goal is to have them read before the revival airs (although a date has not been set). I’m in the habit of meeting deadlines so what’s 369 more?

And I’m not stupid. I can do basic math if I’m alone and allowed to use a calculator. I know I’d have to read more than a book a day to accomplish my goal by this time next year, so here’s to hoping this revival takes forever to make. Half because I’m not confident enough (at all) in myself to read a book a day, and also because I’m really nervous all these remakes and continuations of things I love will let me down and ruin me forever.  Stars Wars and season two of Serial are possible examples.

I have a list here of each of the books I’ll be reading. Once I’ve finished a book, it will be crossed off this list, and linked to its respective subsequent blog post.

Some of these books I’ve already read, but I have every intention of reading them again as I chew my way through the list.

Stay tuned to see if my brain or my heart explodes first.

Place bets below.


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